Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Some Personal Background

I have three children and one on the way - one girl, two boys and a girl due in two weeks.

I grew up in a small country town in North Central Victoria, Australia. Aged 18, I did what many young people from sparsely populated rural areas do, I left for the city. I spent the majority of the next few years completing a couple of university degrees - mainly literature focussed. Then I spent the next few years traveling around a bit.

My partner and I met in London and when we discovered our first child was on the way we decided to go to Australia. The intention was to undertake a ‘decent’ way of life to provide for the incoming. Hence I took up a teaching degree following earlier studies.I have been teaching for nine years now. For the most part my focus has been English and ESL/EFL teaching. I completed my Masters a couple of years ago.

Currently I’m teaching mainly business English in Oslo. I commute on a daily basis, living about 90 mins via bus or train, south of Oslo.
My main interests are travelling with my family and reading.
My main aim is to make greater sense of what my family and I want to do before I/we find ourselves saying “Where go the years?”


Oniditsa said...

Hello Wayne,

Another family of six! Congratulations!


Miguel said...

Hi Wayne,

This reminds me of a poem by Jorge Luis Borges (Argentinian) called "Instantes". In his poem he regrets what he never did. You are quite the opposite. You along with your familily want to find sense of whatever living is now. I did enjoy reading this first entry of your blog a lot.